Doing your due diligence

When a homeowner is ready to begin investigating possibilities for remodeling, why is due diligence important and what exactly does this mean?

As a homeowner considering a remodeling project, you will likely discover quickly your choices in local remodeling contractors are abundant. Consider yourself both lucky and vulnerable as a result. Lucky because you have many options. Vulnerable because not all remodeling contractors are created equal. As in any other significant hiring decisions, doing due diligence beforehand is the best way to ward off any buyer beware pitfalls you may encounter. Today’s technology makes you even luckier, as information you need to become the best educated is literally at your fingertips. See below for our suggestion for smart steps you should take to conduct effective due diligence to provide you with what you need to make the best decisions for YOU.

Phase one of your due diligence process should be research and should include checking out companies you are considering on the web. Check them out with the Department of Labor and Industry. This is the state agency that regulates remodeling contractors ensuring they are up-to-date with their licenses, continuing education, and insurances. You will also be able to check for any enforcement actions taken against a company you are considering and what the actual details may be for those actions. Also, check online sources like Angie’s List, The Service Guide, and the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. Evaluate the information you discover and pick three. Any more than three, you are setting the stage for confusion. Then interview each one.

Assess the relationships you feel are forming. Determine whether there is a positive and comfortable fit with your perspectives of your project needs and wants. If you feel there is a potential for even further positive rapport to develop, these contractors would be your wisest choices to consider further. Eliminate any ones you may have discomforts with.

Phase two of your due diligence process should aim towards narrowing down from three contractors to the one you will actually chooseNEXT PAGE >>

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