Plumbline Builders of Minneapolis Inc sets three Twin Cities families’ remodeling experiences apart

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Once you have determined that certain rooms or spaces in your home need a facelift, it’s hard not to be reminded of it each time you pass by or step into those rooms. How to address the changes and who to call on for help at first, can often be a big question mark! You will see how three Twin Cities homeowners reached that point and knew they wanted to do some upgrading and updating to their homes. One common denominator set their experiences apart; steering them through their projects and transformations in depths they couldn’t have imagined in advance. After listening to these homeowners’ stories, you might see clearer as to how you, too, can turn your remodeling question marks into exciting exclamation points!

Their commonality started with professional Twin Cities Design Build remodeling company, Plumbline Builders, who gives deeper meaning to the term “full-service!” If you’ve ever indulged in a remodeling project, you know there is very little that gets as personal with you as a remodeling project does. Let’s face it, having remodelers working in your bedroom, bathrooms, kitchen, all spells “getting personal!” These homeowners experienced first-hand, how seriously Plumbline Builders takes the privilege of being allowed into your personal spaces and your personal lives. They also came to understand the significance of having chosen a remodeling company special enough to have been able to re-hire again multiple times over the years. As each family grew, and their lifestyles and needs evolved, Plumbline Builders remained their remodeler-of-choice to accommodate the modifications desired to their homes throughout their lives. Each had also recognized Plumbline Builders as unique in their ability to orchestrate every level and detail of their projects from sub-contractors, scheduling, communication, creative, and problem solving. The term “full-service” to Plumbline Builders goes beyond providing multiple types of remodeling. It defines degrees of project management, overall service and results. All three homeowners agree that Plumbline Builders is rare when it comes to this level of “absolute attention.” Starting with gaining a clear sense of what each client loves and wants to achieve with their project is where Plumbline Builders begins to build comfort and confidence with each client at the start of their remodeling journey. As you will see, building rooms and spaces is only part of what Plumbline Builders “builds.” They build relationships and clients for life.

If you have a dated kitchen or bathroom, want to jazz up a master suite, add a garage, sun room or porch, liven up your lower level, or add a mother’s in-law suite downstairs, getting going on any of these projects is likely as difficult for you as it was for a Minnetonka family that was looking at gutting their entire kitchen for a new, more modern one. Lucky for them, they had a fairly good idea of the how they wanted their new kitchen to look and perform, but didn’t know if it was possible. Working through the design process as a team with Plumbline Builders helped bring up ideas and creatives the homeowners would never have thought of, and helped save cost in areas they appreciated. The kitchen turned out to be spectacular! It exceeded all expectations. This same Minnetonka family re-hired Plumbline Builders a few years later to create a new special space in their lower level as a hangout for their teens, and then again a few years after that for a major master suite expansion and remodel. Each project journey included listening, assessing, designing together, and executing the remodel project with above and beyond respect for their personal spaces and displacement in their homes during the projects. Each project concluded with results that exceeded expectations, and each time it left them feeling like they had a new home….again!

An Edina family originally hired Plumbline Builders in 2005 to help transform an older master bedroom and bathroom into a new modern dream master suite. Bob of Edina told me it was a “pretty big remodeling job,” which later on turned out to be a huge understatement. A brand new layout, granite countertops, heated floors, a gorgeous fireplace, TV entertainment center, wine bar, and beautiful bay window later, the project was amazing! Re-hired again in 2008, Plumbline Builders took on another “more comprehensive project” and remodeled their home’s main level. A new kitchen, family room, front entry way bathroom, as well as a kitchen added to the lower level later, this Edina homeowner spoke volumes beyond the beauty of the wood and elegance of their home that felt like new, but also to the integrity and ethics portrayed by owner, Roger Sirany, of Plumbline. Roger made sure only the highest quality materials were used, as well as the most reputable outside vendors for things like cabinets and electrical. Trusting people to be in your home and your personal spaces for any length of time, let alone the length it takes to complete a remodeling project has the potential to become very stressful. Bob of Edina told me “he worked well together with Plumbline and had no doubt they completely stood behind their work.” There were no worries about trust in their home or with how the project would turn out.

Andy of Bloomington hired Plumbline Builders to help him increase his bedroom space over his tuck-under garage. After determining together exactly what Andy wanted, Plumbline Builders was able to design an additional garage stall with a bonus bedroom built above it to accommodate what Andy was looking for. By adding the extra garage stall, he was able to acquire the bonus garage space, as well as a walk-in closet and a laundry room! Over-joyed with the outcome and new rooms, Andy says the space blends in so well, “it feels as if it were always there.” A second bonus, for Andy, was that he was able to refinance his whole house remodel. Even though Plumbline Builders’ pricing ranked in the middle with some other remodelers Andy had considered, he told me he ultimately chose Plumbline “because owner, Roger Sirany, was a straight shooter.”

Choosing wisely before deciding which remodeler to hire was a major reason all three of these homeowners ended up with experiences that set them apart. “It was rare to find a remodeling company with the longevity, experience, and human understanding displayed by Plumbline Builders”. All three believe their experiences encompassed not only the high quality materials and craftsmanship as a natural part of their remodel; the human element where things get “personal” seemed to also come naturally. During parts of each remodel, the families were displaced to different areas of their home while construction took place. Plumbline provided the most sensitive, respectful, and courteous provisions during these phases, maintaining communication and scheduling that met with each homeowner’s needs throughout their projects. These extra touches were “big deals” to the families affected daily during their remodels. They were like icing on a cake that made their overall experiences that much more tolerable during the most inconvenient phases of their remodel.

If you are considering a remodeling project, Plumbline Builders comes highly recommended by these three families, as well as by many others who have hired them. You can contact Roger Sirany, of Plumbline Builders, at 952-933-8493. As these homeowners did, call Roger. Start with a simple conversation. Before you know it, you, too, may be turning your remodeling question marks into exciting exclamation points!


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The Excitement of Working with a Designer

The HDTV show “Designing for the Sexes” really is true to life. There are a lot of decisions to make. When there are two of you and you both have so many good ideas, how do you choose and stay focused on one design?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially in design. When you’re starting to think about a new project, magazine photos are a very good way to find a common design language and to easily identify preferences. It’s an especially useful tool when trying to merge ideas from all family members.

Bring these ideas to the table. When working with a designer, it is a team approach, with open discussions about needs, wants, desires, styles, looks, feels, functions, budget and timing – – all aspects of what is called “programming”. A designer takes the programming and room dimensions to draw an ultimate solution.

A designer unifies the space with the use of colors, textures and finishes. Drawings are very important; they communicate the design intent by illustrating the cabinet design, ceiling design, tile patterns, floor design, etc. They become the heart of the project.

An interior designer is expected to know structure, codes and rules, as well as design, balance, form and function, and product information. Your designer will also work with you and your builder to keep your project on time and on budget without compromising the design.

With open communication and a team effort, it is not only possible to find the perfect solution for you, but you’ll enjoy an exciting process as well!

Master Baths – What are the current design trends?

There is more to the Master Bath than simply getting ready for your day in the morning. Master Baths have developed into sanctuaries in recent years. What started with the addition of a television to watch and listen to while applying makeup or shaving has evolved into entire rooms devoted to your comfort in the morning.

The latest trends include minor appliances, exercise equipment, and even pools. The addition of an outside patio for one’s morning coffee “from the breakfast bar” and paper adds yet another feature to the Master Bath. However, it is still a bath, so you have to keep a water closet in the room! Installing a water closet in a separate room within the bathroom is also a nice option.

One of the latest trends is to add warmth and aroma to a room. You can add warmth with features like a heated towel bar and heated floor tiles. Bringing in plants and flowers to a Master Bath adds both color and fragrance. You can further create a relaxing atmosphere by soaking in an air-pool tub, which calms the senses by adding vibrant scent and light (chroma) to your bath.

This room is for the Owners of the home, and can stand alone in its design. Throw out the rules and mix material – natural stone with metal accents, stained cabinets with antique mirrors, his side one color, hers another. Select colors and accents that promote relaxation and tranquility, and yet still reflect the owner’s personal taste.

Pastels, natural stone, and stained wood are all good materials with a variety of options so you can fit it to your style. The general rule is to select the paint, based on the largest item in the room – such as a countertop, a rug, or a piece of art. According to Sherwin Williams, the three best colors for baths today are cool blue, pale/soft green and warm beige.

If you want to keep the floor and countertops neutral hang wall coverings to add texture and style to the walls, or just behind the vanities for a feature wall. Larger windows and large mirrors always expand a space.

Comfort is also about efficiency. Having dressers in the bath, an opening to the closet from the bath, and expansive storage space to keep eye-clutter to a minimum are all options for maximizing efficiency. You can also have a stackable washer and dryer and a 17” versus 14” toilets for ease of use. Don’t forget that both design and efficiency extends into the closet and bedroom as well.

With proper space planning, unique design choices, and the latest in appliances and gadgets, you can maximize your Master Bath possibilities and you’ll be eager to show off your sanctuary to all of your neighbors – as long as they leave at the end of the tour.

For more direction and inspiration, go to


Cabinetry – What are the current design trends?

There are a lot of cabinets in a home today – – here are some ways to make them extra special.

When designing or remodeling your kitchen, add another finish among the cabinets. For example, if you are using natural maple cabinets and add darker or white cabinets in highlighted locations it will mix it up a little and add additional interest. Different height and depth of the upper cabinets will have the same effect and can add additional utility. Think out of the box. Have fun with it!

  • Use open cabinets to display your personal style with color, texture and art.
  • Use special glass! There are many options to create a unique environment: use a variety of textures and colors, or even recycled materials.
  • If you are refacing or resurfacing existing cabinets, add legs, bun-feet, crown moldings and other special details to give the cabinets a new look or style reminiscent of fine furniture.
  • Take advantage of all of your storage opportunities. Install pantries and full height cabinets. Use furniture for storage to add interest.
  • Add organizers to keep your world easy to use, out of sight, and easy to find again. Options include mixer lifts, pots/pans drawers, and trays. Not only will your items be easy to find, but you’ll add considerable utility to the your cabinet space.
  • Use drawers instead of doors. Drawers have deeper sides for containing equipment and the newer hardware available is much stronger and can handle these heavy loads.
  • Add inlays of another wood species like zebra wood or burlwood. Less expensive laminated versions of exotic woods are also available for the recessed panels on your doors and drawers.
  • Popular wood species are quarter-sawn white oak, Canadian red birch, Old French white oak and knotty chestnut.
  • Align grains when you are using slab style doors and drawers.
  • Consider handles and pulls as jewelry for cabinets. Dress them up, mix them up and have fun with them.

An interior designer can help blend the functionality you need with the look you want. A designer will provide you with drawings to critique and study prior to the building phase to make certain the room meets your functional and aesthetic needs.

News You Can Use

There is a financial product that we believe may be helpful in these tight credit markets. It is a little known or utilized FHA loan called the 203K program. It is a federally insured mortgage program for the purchase, rehabilitation, remodeling or repair of single family properties, townhomes, and condominiums.

It is an important tool for community and neighborhood revitalization and for expanding homeownership opportunities. Purchase and refinance transactions are both eligible for the 203K program.

Two versions are available: one for projects between $5,000.00 and $35,000.00 called the “streamline” and one for projects between $35,000.00 and the regional FHA loan limit of $365,000.00. This is referred to as “full”; this loan covers both the mortgage or refinanced amount plus the amount of any improvements. The improvements are considered as “future value” when appraising the property. In other words, the investment to remodel the property is added to the loan value. So if you have little equity to cover the cost of the remodeling project, the cost is already taken into account in the total amount of the loan.

The interest rates and closing cost appear to be competitive with mortgage market in general.

Ideal For:

  1. First time homebuyers interested in purchasing property in need of repair.
  2. Existing homeowners who want to repair or remodel their current property.
  3. Borrowers with limited funds for down payment, closing costs, or necessary repairs.

Eligible Improvements:

  1. Kitchen Remodeling
  2. Room Additions
  3. Bathroom Remodeling including master suites
  4. Finishing basements
  5. Porches and decks
  6. Energy efficient upgrades
  7. Appliances, and electrical and plumbing upgrades

There are additional details and requirements, if you are interested in taking advantage of this program give our company a call at (952) 933-8493 and we will help you get started.