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Master Baths – What are the current design trends?

There is more to the Master Bath than simply getting ready for your day in the morning. Master Baths have developed into sanctuaries in recent years. What started with the addition of a television to watch and listen to while applying makeup or shaving has evolved into entire rooms devoted to your comfort in the morning.

The latest trends include minor appliances, exercise equipment, and even pools. The addition of an outside patio for one’s morning coffee “from the breakfast bar” and paper adds yet another feature to the Master Bath. However, it is still a bath, so you have to keep a water closet in the room! Installing a water closet in a separate room within the bathroom is also a nice option.

One of the latest trends is to add warmth and aroma to a room. You can add warmth with features like a heated towel bar and heated floor tiles. Bringing in plants and flowers to a Master Bath adds both color and fragrance. You can further create a relaxing atmosphere by soaking in an air-pool tub, which calms the senses by adding vibrant scent and light (chroma) to your bath.

This room is for the Owners of the home, and can stand alone in its design. Throw out the rules and mix material – natural stone with metal accents, stained cabinets with antique mirrors, his side one color, hers another. Select colors and accents that promote relaxation and tranquility, and yet still reflect the owner’s personal taste.

Pastels, natural stone, and stained wood are all good materials with a variety of options so you can fit it to your style. The general rule is to select the paint, based on the largest item in the room – such as a countertop, a rug, or a piece of art. According to Sherwin Williams, the three best colors for baths today are cool blue, pale/soft green and warm beige.

If you want to keep the floor and countertops neutral hang wall coverings to add texture and style to the walls, or just behind the vanities for a feature wall. Larger windows and large mirrors always expand a space.

Comfort is also about efficiency. Having dressers in the bath, an opening to the closet from the bath, and expansive storage space to keep eye-clutter to a minimum are all options for maximizing efficiency. You can also have a stackable washer and dryer and a 17” versus 14” toilets for ease of use. Don’t forget that both design and efficiency extends into the closet and bedroom as well.

With proper space planning, unique design choices, and the latest in appliances and gadgets, you can maximize your Master Bath possibilities and you’ll be eager to show off your sanctuary to all of your neighbors – as long as they leave at the end of the tour.

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