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The Excitement of Working with a Designer

The HDTV show “Designing for the Sexes” really is true to life. There are a lot of decisions to make. When there are two of you and you both have so many good ideas, how do you choose and stay focused on one design?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially in design. When you’re starting to think about a new project, magazine photos are a very good way to find a common design language and to easily identify preferences. It’s an especially useful tool when trying to merge ideas from all family members.

Bring these ideas to the table. When working with a designer, it is a team approach, with open discussions about needs, wants, desires, styles, looks, feels, functions, budget and timing – – all aspects of what is called “programming”. A designer takes the programming and room dimensions to draw an ultimate solution.

A designer unifies the space with the use of colors, textures and finishes. Drawings are very important; they communicate the design intent by illustrating the cabinet design, ceiling design, tile patterns, floor design, etc. They become the heart of the project.

An interior designer is expected to know structure, codes and rules, as well as design, balance, form and function, and product information. Your designer will also work with you and your builder to keep your project on time and on budget without compromising the design.

With open communication and a team effort, it is not only possible to find the perfect solution for you, but you’ll enjoy an exciting process as well!

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