Performance Guidelines

Under Minnesota law, all licensed residential builders and remodelers are required to have written performance guidelines (Minnesota Statutes § 326B.809.) The performance guidelines must be included, or incorporated by reference in, a written contract between the customer and the builder or remodeler.

These guidelines establish the minimum standards that apply to the work and materials covered. The guidelines apply to the one year period beginning on the date the customer first takes title to, or possession of, the new home, (whichever occurs first) or, on remodeling projects, the one year period beginning on the date that a remodeling project is substantially completed. For purposes of these guidelines, a remodeling project is substantially completed when the improvements constructed by the remodeler are completed to the point where they may be used for the purposes intended.

Please contact us with any questions you have regarding these guidelines during any point before, during, or after your remodel. We stand by our work and adhere strictly to these guidelines.

Plumbline Builders Minimum Performance Guidelines