Remodels and Returns

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Which projects add the most value to your home? We get asked this question all the time.  Our answer is always the same.  Kitchens and bathrooms! These are the most expensive spaces in your home. When selling your home, these are the rooms that will bear the most weight in buyer decisions, as well.  People want […]

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

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  Because of the complexities of many bathroom remodeling projects, homeowners in the Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota area often seek the services of a reliable, quality home improvement contractor for the job.  Plumbline Builders of Minneapolis Inc can help you with your bathroom renovations.  Choosing your bathroom contractor is the most important consideration when remodeling bathrooms. Bathroom Design – Bathroom […]

Kitchen Remodeling Tips and Advice

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Since the beginning of time, the kitchen has been the heart of the home. Because the kitchen is the center of the home, it should also be the best designed and most perfectly equipped room in the house. With all the variety of choices and enhancements available today, kitchen renovations can actually be a fun project involving the whole family. […]

Advice for Sellers

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Considering selling your home? What repairs, upgrades, remodels can produce value for your buyer?     When someone is considering selling their home, many things can come into play when deciding the best ways to prepare your home in the hopes of generating the highest purchase price from a buyer.  Below is our advice in regards to repairs or […]