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When considering a remodeling project, there is no doubt that the design is one of the key pieces that will ultimately weigh in on your project’s success.  Ensuring you have the best design for your vision will be critical to anyone in their early stages of planning for their remodeling project.  What kind of design are you interested in?

Design choices?  Design / Build Pros and Cons ~ Or should you hire an architect?

There are a couple of ways you can obtain a great design for your remodeling project.  At Plumbline Builders, we try to be straight forward by providing neutral information to our clients about each option they can evaluate.  You could hire a local architect whose firm will do great work for you and that is priced fairly reasonably, providing your job is relatively straight forward.   However, when considering hiring an architect, making a decision to go in this direction may invite unexpected challenges in juggling the dynamics of a team that is not used to working together.  As an alternative, you can hire a draftsman or hire a Design / Build company who can do it all for you in-house.

When you work with Plumbline Builder’s Design / Build in-house designers, you are also getting the expertise of actual architects that work directly with us.  Our owner, Roger Sirany, has scrutinized his in-house designers and only enlists the creativity and design expertise of the best professionals.  What can you expect when you work with Plumbline Builders in-house Design / Build team?

Is there a particular room or rooms you are thinking about having remodeled or updated?  Would you like more information about some design options?

Can you guess which remodeling project returns the higher return on your investment?
Is it Kitchens or Bathrooms?


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